1911  Empire overthrown; republic; warlords.

1927  Kuomingtang under Chiang Kai-Shek unifies most of China.

1931  Japan invades Manchuria.

1932  Japanese occupy Yixian, Jinzhou. “Manchukuo” established under Pu Yi.

1934 Long March: Communists to Yan’an.

1937  Japan attacks deep into China. Communist-Kuomingtang alliance.

1945 Japanese surrender. Jinzhou occupied by Russians. Chinese communists, and Kuomingtang.

1946 – 1948 Kuomingtang-Communist Civil War

1948  Siege of Jinzhou.

1949 People’s Republic Proclaimed. Communists take Sichuan. Chiang Kai-Shek to Taiwan.

1950 Land reform. China enters Korean War(to July 1953).

1951 Campaign to “suppress counterrevolutionaries” (Hui-ge executed). Three Anties Campaign.

1952  Five Anties Campaign.

1955  Campaign to “uncover hidden counter-revolutionaries” Nationalization.

1956   Hundred Flowers.

1957  Anti-Rightist Campaign.

1958  Great Leap Forward: backyard steel furnaces and communes.

1959  Famine (to 1961). Peng Dehuai challenges Mar, condemned. Campaign to catch “rightist opportunists”.

1963  Cultural Revolution starts.

1967  Marshals fail to stop Cultural Revolution. Tings in power in Sichuan.

1968  Sichuan Revolutionary Committee formed.

1969  IX Congress formalizes Cultural Revolution.

1970  Tings fired.

1971  Lin Biao dies.

1972  Nixon visit.

1973  Deng Xiaoping reappears.

1976  Zhou Enlai dies; Deng ousted. Demonstrations in Tiananmen Square. Mao dies; Gang of Four arrested.

1977  Deng back to power.

摘录自 Wild Swans。《鸿》

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