1911  Empire overthrown; republic; warlords.

1927  Kuomingtang under Chiang Kai-Shek unifies most of China.

1931  Japan invades Manchuria.

1932  Japanese occupy Yixian, Jinzhou. “Manchukuo” established under Pu Yi.

1934 Long March: Communists to Yan’an.

1937  Japan attacks deep into China. Communist-Kuomingtang alliance.

1945 Japanese surrender. Jinzhou occupied by Russians. Chinese communists, and Kuomingtang.

1946 – 1948 Kuomingtang-Communist Civil War

1948  Siege of Jinzhou.

1949 People’s Republic Proclaimed. Communists take Sichuan. Chiang Kai-Shek to Taiwan.

1950 Land reform. China enters Korean War(to July 1953).

1951 Campaign to “suppress counterrevolutionaries” (Hui-ge executed). Three Anties Campaign.

1952  Five Anties Campaign.

1955  Campaign to “uncover hidden counter-revolutionaries” Nationalization.

1956   Hundred Flowers.

1957  Anti-Rightist Campaign.

1958  Great Leap Forward: backyard steel furnaces and communes.

1959  Famine (to 1961). Peng Dehuai challenges Mar, condemned. Campaign to catch “rightist opportunists”.

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